Monday Evening Randomness

So i was told that i should write a post. It has been a while that I have written one.

The thing about me and blogging is that something needs to click in my brain… a subject… something I see, read… I need a catalyst and a free mind. That hasn’t happened much of late.

But to continue, so there are these couple of commercials that I have a peeve against. Two liquor brands – one that says “be remembered for good” and the other one is Chivas with Farhan Akhtar I think… Daru brands need to stop giving social messages… it is so stupid… You are selling booze, let’s not develop social consciousness… leave it for all the fake NGOS.

Talking about social consciousness… it’s the flavor of advertising today. Brands contrive situations and a very tenuous connect between the brand and some social cause to portray how their brand is for greater good. Facebook is a prime example… so is Idea cellular, coke and quite a few others. It only makes for the advertising fraternity talking about the communication… the consumer doesn’t give a damn. We all know that most of that work is for winning awards.

#jaitleyvskejriwal was trending yesterday and all over news… seriously what is wrong with everyone. Why should something happening in delhi be national news. Utter rubbish… Delhi is not equal to India.

Oh on that note… to help save Delhi from pollution, so much of effort is being made. To the extent that the banned vehicles can go ply in any other states and pollute those states…NGT is for Delhi only.. Nation be damned. Of course all of this is a great fodder for media to show pictures of people covering their nose… I drive through Delhi quite regularly, have never seen people do that. There is a price you pay for progress and inadequacies of a system to manage things.

If it hasn’t begun already, it will start soon – expectations from a new year. Like anything is going to change… but we love to have expectations… in a relationship… in our jobs… from our children… from our parents… from government etc. etc. Some will say it is good to have expectations because they lead to us having ambitions… having focus… I say it is rubbish… more often than not, we put so much in store with expectations that we ruin relationships, we ruin confidence we ruin what we have… make things only harder for ourselves and then curse those who did not live up to our expectations…

What if we led a life without expectations…how would it be… to live from moment to moment and letting those moments become meaningful rather than loading them with expectations… think about it… I EXPECT you to think about it! hahaha

Ok so this has been a rubbish post but hopefully it will get me out of the inertia i have been mired in…


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