Most of my posts are utterly random and make no sense at all. There is no deeper meaning that should be ascribed. But as a reader, you might find something that connects with you at some level. The way I write these posts, something just comes to my mind and I type it out. Also I do not read through what I have typed… Nor do I edit what I have got here. So grammatical errors or typos to be excused.

So when was the last time you made a sacrifice. And let’s not talk petty stuff. And let’s not even talk stuff that you want to talk about by way of puffery.

When was the last time you did something for someone. Knowing fully well that the someone will get what he or she wants but you will not get what you want because that is what it is… You sacrificed yourself for that someone.

Oh and before anyone things this post is about mush kinda sacrifice, nope it is not.. That is just one part of it.. There are many other occasions in our lives where we have to give up something so that someone out there gets what they want.

Typically, we like to play a  martyr. Even if we do a minor thing, we want the world to know. We want kudos.. We want our ‘sacrifice’ to be known and appreciated. Specifically by the person it was meant for.

And you know why this is? Because deep down, we are all selfish. A selfless act doesn’t sit well in our psyche. Being good without asking anything in return is an aberration. So at some other level, the reason we feel the need to talk about what we have done, is also expecting that when the time comes, the person will do the same. Not very selfless right? Not even a sacrifice.

A selfless act of giving up is one where the people it was meant for, they get what they want without knowing about what you did for them. Walking away for happiness of someone is the most difficult thing to do…  That is true sacrifice.. Its not what you did.. But you walked away and did not ask for acknowledgment.

So when was the last time you did something like this? Probably never.

And if an opportunity comes your way to do that.. Will you? Probably not.

3 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. So true..
    And apologetically we all agree
    I surrender..
    We make excuses that we never have a chance to go that far for somone or somthing..but once we open our soul..there are a million chances to become great..
    I am also one of all..selfish..
    And guilty……

    Well this is the first time I came across ur blog but it got me hooked..I am reading ur other post too..n belive me these are really so relatable..
    One lasf thing..I have to appreciate how you are strong enough to bring out the faults in every human being..that we all do but are never willing to accept..
    Loved your words..
    Take care..!!

    1. I don’t bring out the faults… More often than not, one has to just look at the reflection in the mirror.. It never am also guilty of pretty much everything I write.

      And then I look around… There are incidents, faces..they tell the stories that I put out here

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