What If you could…

Accept it people. While we pretend to go on with our supposedly happy lives, deep down we all have this thought that whispers in our ears every once in a while… What if you could go back in time and change that one momentous event which would lead to a different life.

So here is a question to all the readers of my random, mundane and boring blog… What if you could really go back in time and change your response to that one event… Will you do that? Before most of you nod in agreement, ponder over a few things.

Most of the times, we think about going back in time because we are not happy with the way certain events have panned out in our lives. And we wish things could have been different. We focus on ‘what could have been if…’

So bear in mind when you think about what I have asked. If you could go back and change that one thing, there are lot of things you will miss out on and you don’t know how different things would have been… you would have a very different life… it could be happier than what it is right now… or it could be really miserable…. Will you want to take that chance?

I know my answer. I would not want to change a single thing. Sure my life had unpleasant experiences but at the same time, it has given me moments that I will cherish forever. I have met people who have made a difference to my life in a big way. they have made my life worth living and very special. The prospect that if i could go back in time and change the future course of events and lose out on these moments and people, is scary as hell. If anything, I would want to live this life all over again and experience all these things again and again. Would want my Groundhog Day.

So what would you do people? Would be nice to know. I know a lot of you read the blog. All you have to do is tell me.. if you would want to change the course of events or would you be happy with the life you have.

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