game-rage-backgrounds-wallpapers.jpgFor the purpose of this post, I will stick to “violent uncontrollable anger” as the meaning of rage.

So why Rage as the topic for this post. Nope it has got nothing to do with it being Monday Morning. If anything, I love Mondays. Nor did I have a harrowing time in traffic either.

In a different context, the word was used last evening when I was at work. Yes I was at work on a Sunday evening. As it often happens with me, something sparks off my thinking… maybe it connects with something inside me or maybe my head tells me “Hey this is a good topic for the post!” but who knows.. so here I am…

But before we get on with the post, something about anger since rage is uncontrollable anger.

Anger is a bodily reaction to something that happens around us (external event) and/or something that happens within us (an internal process). It causes a behaviour reaction.

Anger is an emotion that affects the nervous system and the physical body.

So when does anger become uncontrollable or rather why does it become so? I am sure we all have felt rage on a number of occasions. So any ideas on why?

Rage to my mind, like fear, is a very irrational emotion and hence what it leads to by way of action is also very irrational.

Usually there are two ways that the rage can go. An external manifestation where it gets transferred physically on to the person who we think is the cause for this rage. Read that as a kind of violence. Violence can be in two ways… We lash out… with our hands… or with our words.

At times physical lashing out can be fatal. But when it is not fatal, wounds do heal. But when we lash out with words, they cut deep… right down to the soul. That perhaps is more fatal than physical harm. the wounds from the words never heal because they get imprinted inside. Person has to live with those wounds forever…

Then there is an internal manifestation. I think the phrase for that is ‘seething with rage’. There is that violent uncontrollable anger for sure… but what happens is that it doesn’t explode… but implode. It stays within us and turns into Lava that we contain within ourselves and not provide an outlet. The person who caused it, doesn’t get to know but every moment it kills us inside and eventually it either dissipates in some way or it makes us thoroughly disenchanted.

But that was about the rage we feel. Which is a reaction to something the person opposite us has said and done. The person had a reason too. Maybe the person was also venting out and giving expression to their rage over something we had done. It really is a vicious circle. And the only way it breaks is when one person chooses to internalise.

Why is it that we are  not able to control this irrational emotion or any other irrational ones like fear or love. Well, because it is irrational! If these emotions could be controlled, they would be a rational response to a situation.

We as human beings are a mix of rational and irrational. We are not machines that have no life and no emotion. But guess what, we have been given an ability to think. Can we not use that ability? Can we not step back and analyse what would be the impact of our behaviour or words?

It is very tough to do. And we will never get that control surely in this lifetime. Those who claim that they have control are either lying or have attained a state of Nirvana.

Am not one of them… Are you?

(image is courtesy wallpapersfreedesktop.com)

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