Whose life do you live?


Strange random question.

You are always somebody’s son/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, father/mother… and so on. You are always living but always somebody else’s life. Your life is always in the context of a relationship. You only fool yourself and live in denial that you are living YOUR life.

Am not saying there is anything wrong with being something to somebody. After all, we are part of a larger eco system and relationships define our existence. And to go against all of this, you might as well turn into a hermit in Himalayas.

But what I am questioning is… when will you live YOUR life… if ever. Will you ever do something that YOU wanted to do? When will you do something without bothering about the consequences because at that point of time… in that moment, you want to do that (whatever it is) and it is going to make you happy and content… and that particular moment is yours and yours alone.

We all are part of a complex and intelligent species. Why is it so impossible to live our lives on multiple levels? One as defined by the relationship and one as our own… Why is it that only when we are alone do we think about what we want to do but then we snap out of it and never take that step. We just live with those dreams and fantasies…

Me for instance… for almost a decade I have been planning to take a week off all alone. Head to some place which has not been touched by technology yet. Just me, my books and a case of beer. Hasn’t happened.

So what are those things that you people dream about but have them on a backburner for so long that you don’t even remember?

(picture courtesy heavendewlove.tumblr.com)

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