Life of Lies

We all live that.. don’t we?

Nobody teaches us to lie but life itself.

There are big lies and small lies… Sometimes we lie to protect ourselves and sometimes to protect someone we care for. We lie in school, at work, in relationships…

Why do we do that? Because the truth might hurt us or others.

Parents tell us not to lie but they do.. frequently.

Lie becomes part of our psyche. Most often we are afraid that telling the truth will have dire consequences… And it becomes part of everything we do… even simple things… lying about age, lying about network, lying about being in one place while we are somewhere else… we lie about being not well…

It has become a mechanism for us to shield ourselves from harm.

And then there are some whose entire life is a lie. They are the delusional lot. Who like to believe that they are so perfect. And they keep lying to themselves and others and not even realise it.

Even in advertising, Brands have been built on creating stories and myths that aren’t really true.. and they sell because there are enough suckers out there to believe those stories and lies.

Best part is that people who sit in judgement on our lies, they are not exactly sparkling clean either but judging us helps them hide their lies.

And as the saying goes, if you keep repeating the lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

Show me a person who says he/she has never lied and I will show you the biggest lier!

Am on a roll with utter randomness… isn’t it?

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