Where are you now

Watched “The Insider” again last night. For those who haven’t watched, do spare some time and watch it and to those who have, am sure you also think it is one of the best movies of all times. Great Star Cast and brilliant acting – Al Pacino, Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer… you couldn’t ask for more…

So how does the movie connect to this post.


I have got this link here. Christopher Plummer as Mike Wallace is talking about him growing old… and what his motivations were for not taking Al Pacino’s side.

About being near the end of the life than the beginning and what are the thoughts one has for the future… It is interesting.

When you are young, head is full of things you want to do and achieve. To a large extent, it is very materialistic. There is nothing wrong in that. You look at your life ahead, while you may not want people to know, you are selfish. In your head, the universe revolves around you and your needs…

But when you get old, you are still selfish. Though the thoughts are not about what you want to achieve, but about how you will be regarded as at the end.

It is strange… isn’t it? Why is it that only when we are at a certain age that we start wondering about how do we want to be known as a person. Or to rephrase, what we wanted to be known as when get older changes as we move through the timeline… From being known as that so successful person and envy of all, we want to be known as a good human being. What changes? Were we not a good human being earlier? Or the realisation dawns on us that what we thought of as being good  human beings was not the right one.

I think it is a toss up between becoming mature and the impending end that leads the thoughts towards how we want to be recognised as. These corporate big wigs developing philanthropist leanings happens after they have made pots of money, ruined many lives in order to get where they are, is when they think of doing something for the society. Won’t take names but if you jog your brains, you will get enough names floating in your head.

In the end of that clip, He makes a very important point – History remembers only what you did last. And that is what becomes the motivation for us to change.

Maybe that is where I am in my life… if the posts of 2016 are anything to go by… introspection mode…

So where are you on the timeline? What are you thinking?


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