The Honeymoon

The guy walks with a swagger… like he owns the world. Will always walk a little ahead. Will act all too cool about everything around him… look around and view the world as his kingdom.

The girl will be all demure… a little unsure… a little overawed and yet pretend to be very confident. Not trying to show that the weight of the bangles around her wrists is so heavy…

That my friends is the couple heading for and heading back from the honeymoon.

Past few months I have been travelling on a few touristy sectors (came back from one last night too) and it is interesting to observe the behaviour of the ‘just hitched’ couples.

On the way to the honeymoon… the world is at their feet… the anticipation and the excitement of a new life… Both would be pretending to be oh so casual about everything… but of course all the bangles and brand new luggage are a big giveaway. The guy taking an extra effort to ask the girl for coffee… or food…

At a very subtle level, an evaluation is going on.. Him of her and her of him… Those few hours (the first time probably that they get an ‘alone’ time) at the airport and on flight are very critical… they go a long way in establishing the foundation of the marriage.

The flight back is also very interesting to observe. The intervening period between going for honeymoon and heading back will show. (wont get much into it). But behaviourally, either they would be very close or you can clearly sense a certain distance. The honeymoon period is truly over. The weight of the bangles will be heavier if the girl has to go back and live with the family of the guy… The realisation that hereon, life will never be the same again… If you look closely enough, you can see it on her face. Same thing for the guy, you can see him lost in thought (unless they both know that they are going to live on their own and the intervening period has told them that the future is going to be very exciting). His mind would have shifted to work that has been waiting for him… And all the responsibilities that come as a baggage when he gets married. The flight back is not full of anticipation but a sense of trepidation… Their voices do not have the same excitement they had when they were figuring out the transportation from airport to the resort they were headed. Now everything is very matter of fact.

The point is that this one journey perhaps is indicative of all future life and the phrase ‘honeymoon is over’ is a very relevant one.

That apart, while I have taken just one example of how interesting and insightful observing human behaviour is, there are many other examples that I can go on about… like how boorish we are when travelling abroad… or how snobbish we are… how the baggage the person carries is indicative of so many things… what people do while waiting for a flight… all are very interesting…

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