“I told you so”


How many times we have said this and how many times we have heard this.

And obviously we love saying it and hate hearing it.

We love saying it because we think we know it all and we know what will happen if the person we are saying to, isn’t ready to listen.

We hate hearing it because at that point of time when an advise or suggestion is being given, we think it is rubbish and we know everything and don’t need to be told what to do or be told how the consequences of our action will pan out…

The underlying problem of course is our belief that we know it all. But if we knew it all and so did everyone else, it would be a perfect world right? But the world isn’t perfect and nor should it be… it is the imperfections that make it a wonderful world…

If all things were equal and life continued to move in a straight line, how boring it would be. Where will be get our joy and happiness from? When the lows are followed by the highs, those highs lead to absolute elation.

We are meant to feel emotions. Emotions of every kind. From happiness to utter despair and every single emotion in between.

We are supposed to make mistakes and learn from them. We are supposed to find things out on our own…

So the next time you feel the urge to say “i told you so”, hold yourself back because the person know he or she screwed up and they will work on it.


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