We don’t get old

Louis Armstrong

We stop living. We blame age. We blame our physical strength. We blame our failing mental health. We look for excuses for not doing enough as we grow old.

On the one hand we are extremely scared of growing old and on the other hand we use age as a crutch for not living. And this excuse has started happening at an age much younger than before. While we go to gym and we consider ourselves very fit, it is the mental aspect that is taking it’s toll. Our lives have become stressful for sure but then who is responsible for that?  Aren’t we the one who allow that to happen?

Long ago I had written this post about how we keep storing stuff in our heads – Cobwebs of our mind. We don’t do spring cleaning of our mind. We keep hoarding memories. And as is our wont, the shelves in our mind creak under the weight of not so happy memories. And that weight makes us feel old.

The music stops playing.

It is strange though. In our professional life, we work so hard to keep reviving the brands that we work on. Keep them relevant to the changing consumer, changing consumer needs. How come we forget to keep ourselves relevant?

I like to consider myself different. Even though, at times, the thoughts do creep in about being old, I take a broom and clear up the rubbish.

Am not getting old in a hurry. I am not going to retire. The music will not stop playing. I still have a lot of music left in me. 🙂

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