The chill pill


We all need to take one… seriously. and yes most should choke on it!

There needs to be activism against activism. Nowadays anything and everything is up for bashing… be it in newspapers, TV or social media. We all have a voice and it isn’t a voice for good. We all believe it is but is not. We find everything offensive and hurting our sentiments.

The Ola commercial for instance. Sexist?! utter rubbish. It is sexist in your head. It is sexist in your warped thinking. It was just an ad. It made a point and it is gone but no… we have to bash the advertising and the brand for what really is the truth… We as guys do spend a lot of money on dates and stuff.. don’t we? So what is wrong if the advertising depicted that? or is that the truth is bitter?

Take IPL as another example… seriously! Doesn’t the judiciary have better things to do than to adjudicate such frivolous PILs? Most PILs are motivated or rigged anyway. I want to ask the judges who passed the order… are you getting your cars washed everyday? Where is the water coming from? Those fancy apartments and bungalows you live in… are they using water to keeping the house clean?

Then there was this shit about Uber and Ola surge pricing. People complained the first day when surge pricing was high.. and they complained the next day when there weren’t enough cars available! Well dude and dudette… you should have thought hard before complaining the first day..

We love to complain and now that social media gives everyone a voice.. we are vociferous in our complains…. if it rains.. “damn it rained so much that i got late for everything” if it doesn’t rain, “the weather is so hot… there are power cuts.. i could not sleep!” If it is cold, it is too cold… if it is not, we crib about winter not being cold enough…

Then the JNU shit or every other shit that keeps happening and we keep giving our opinion. Where do we all get the time for all of this. And how are we invested in everything that happens?! And please do not say that we have to bring a change in this country. The country is doing just fine and it will do even better if we stopped objecting to everything that happens.

Before we ask for changes… before we question the government… before we question every decision that is taken.. before we file frivolous PILs… before we decide to change the name of a city… we need to ask ourselves as to what we are doing that can be considered constructive and will lead to a better life for everyone. Do you think that being part of a debate just so that we have likes and retweets or whatever will help change the world? You are delusional if you think so.

But since activism is the in thing, I want to start a movement against all such useless debates… anyone wants to join?


2 thoughts on “The chill pill

    1. Thanks. Also raising a voice is not wrong. There are issues that need a voice but nowadays anything and everything is up for debate

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