Escape Hatch


Been reading 11.22.63 by Stephen King for past month or so. Its over 700 pages.

Unlike all the other books I read, I go real slow with Stephen King books. As I have said in the past, his books are a totally immersive experience. One needs to savour every word.

Won’t write a review of the book, in case there are people out there who are still reading it or planning to read it. But whats available as back cover, Jake Epping travels back in time to stop the assassination of Kennedy.

It’s a portal in a diner that allows him to time travel. It is his escape hatch. One he can use to escape the past. Or he can use when his job is done.

Made me think. What if we also had an escape hatch. A portal that will allow us to travel back and forth in time. Something that will help us escape to safety. Something that will let us escape, come back in a different time period and change things for the better. Wishful thinking.

I bet all of us would love to have this escape hatch. Though am not very sure how many of us would want to use it all the time. As the books says, past will try its level best to stop us from changing it. There is a reason for it. Things were meant to happen in a certain way and to go back and change things, we are probably messing with the reality of our lives.

All of us have those instances in the past that we so wish we could change. And those changes could make our lives different from what it is now.

Sometime back I had written a post about what if we could go back in time. Premonition perhaps that I was going to read this book.

And here is another kicker. I have said you don’t pick up a Stephen King book on a whim or a fancy. You buy them when it is time. This book was published in 2011 I think. I had seen it on stands. I had skimmed through it. But I never bought it till a month back. Perhaps, in my head there were thoughts about hoping to go back in time and changing things. I don’t know. Maybe I am looking for that escape hatch…

I am sure many of us want that hatch…

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