Root cause of all evil and also the reason for stress in our lives.

I don’t remember if I have talked about this earlier but if I have, here I go again.

From the extreme of one person killing another, to a relationship going through turmoil… it is always expectation at the bottom of it.

People might argue that if we didn’t have expectations, how will we move up in life,  what will motivate us to do better, how will this world become a better place, how will a relationship get better.

Let me ask a question… does it really help? Burdening every single thing we do in life with an expectation? Don’t we create immense amount of stress for the person we expect something from – be it a monetary transaction, a behavioural change or a commitment and then get disappointed when those expectations are not met. That’s the time we end up with a totally irrational action (though we always have a justification for that action).

Look at the flip side of it. When we are faced with people’s expectations from us. What do we do? Either we kill ourselves living up to them or we consider ourselves a failure for not meeting those expectations.

So what do we really achieve by having expectations. Or letting them govern our behaviour. A life of strife because the simple truth is that there is no end to our expectations.

What if we didn’t have any expectations. What if we didn’t burden the other person with them or let the other person burden us with his/her… what will really happen? Will the world come to an end? Will we cease to exist? Will we have no purpose in life? Will we wander aimlessly? 


Will we be happier? 

It is not that our life will come to an end. We will continue to live and perhaps be more content with what we do. Because then we will not be pushing the world around us or be pushed by the world. Things when they happen, will happen because they were meant to and not because we forced them to and while I don’t have any validation for this, they will be far better than they are now.

Witness what’s happening around you and tell me if I am right or wrong.

And no.. I am not trying to be a babaji who preaches and makes money… am just a common man who is wondering if life would be better without expecting too much.

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