Politics of Conflict

So here is how it is. The conflict between India and Pakistan will never get resolved. Both need it to Stoke the fires of patriotism and also to align the world for them.

This is nothing new. Not just India and Pakistan but the world over, it has always been the case.

Post World War II, the Berlin wall became a symbol of the divided world. Either you were aligned to the west of the Wall or to the east. Countries around the world had to choose. Either you are with the so called free world or you were with communists. And both sides needed to keep the hype at a high level to ensure stability and rhetoric going at home.

India was aligned with Russia (dumb move that was) and Pakistan with US. The battle lines have always been there and were sharpened even further.

The collapse of the wall led people to believe that things will change and the world will become a better place. Guess what, the things did change but definitely not for the better. US and it’s allies and all their arms manufacturers needed to survive and make money. Thus began the conflict with the Arab world. As someone says in this serial “Designated Survivor”, America needs to put a face to the terror and rally the people behind the new President. Wag the Dog was also a movie pretty much in same vein. 

The jingoism and rhetoric deflects the attention from real problems within the country. To question the rhetoric is to say ṭhat you question the patriotism. Of course the foolish ones think because they are in opposition, they have to question everything. Even if the leader of ruling party sneezes, that should be questioned. It may make them look like fools but hey, the heat they were facing on other fronts is deflected. Look at Mr. Kejriwal for instance. He is a chief minister of Delhi but his utterances have led to him being a national figure!

We are all witness to the ridiculousness of the election process currently on in US. Hell! They make even our politicians look erudite and scholarly!

Keeping the conflict alive and burning is something politicians are very good at. And will continue with that because, to have no conflict means to have no agenda.

I am not questioning the steps taken by the government. In fact I believe this should have been done way earlier! Am I saying this to prove am a patriot? Nope. I would want the conflict killed once and for all so that this government and the next one or the one after that, will focus on making this country a better place to live in. 

Wishful thinking.

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