Let me take a selfie first!

So across IPL, mobile handsets seem to be advertising a lot. With a single theme. Phones to take great selfies! Group selfies. Perfect selfies. Etc etc. The camera seems to be in focus (no pun) for most of these brands.

Selfistan says one brand. It’s like Hindustan can only think of selfies. Umm perhaps yes. When the leader of the country is into selfies big time!

It’s a craze alright. Go to a mall and it is tough to walk down the aisles without tripping over people taking selfies! And it’s not just one. People will spend time to get the selfie right. Also there is something called a mood shot (my daughter told me what it means), get a friend to click a pic where the person is looking away from the camera staring into nothing.

Where do these selfies go? What purpose do they achieve? Sometimes I wonder if Facebook, instagram and Pinterest, and the lens manufacturers are contributing money to these ad campaigns (like intel used to for laptops).

While I haven’t checked the prices for these phones(maybe I should), there is a certain TG and their psychographics that are being addressed. A desperate need to look good, a desperate need to be part of happening people. Selfies (while they are pics of selfs) have a very outward social expression. They are the ones who are responsible for the growth of of low priced but high on packaging phones.

iPhone 6 and 7 for instance. Great cameras but the advertising was more inward expresssion. Not about selfies at all (sure most of the time will be used for selfies) but about capturing a moment. The expression being much higher, away from social expression but more inwards. Yes those pictures will also make it to social media. But the “wow” will be very different from the wow created by selfies.

Coming back to selfies, I think they have also become a tool of building self confidence (even if it is photoshopped and use of all the filters). It helps the people to feel good about themselves. Also when our lives are being led in the virtual world, where meeting in real rarely happens, it is good to create a good looking profile.

It is about the innate desire to hear compliments. Be part of beautiful and good looking culture. Yes, men click selfies too. With the advent of fitness culture (most go to the gym to attain a great body), guys have selfies of them showing their body. I have come across a few instances where guys were clicking pictures of each other working out (no guesses on why). :p

So how long will this trend last? It has been on for a while now and doesn’t seem to be waning.

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