Best companion

DISCLAIMER – This post does not promote smoking. Also for the non smokers, you can stop at the disclaimer and not read beyond. And yes, smoking is injurious to physical health.

The title of the post and the disclaimer will be enough to let people know what this post will be about.

A while back, I had written about caffeine and nicotine. This one is all about nicotine. Well not nicotine really but cigarette. Only the smokers will understand the sentiments.

We all think that we light up a smoke because, having become used to it, body needs regular dose of nicotine at frequent intervals.

I think it is not about the physical need but smoking operates at an emotional level. Sit back and analyse the number of times or more like occasions when you have reached out for a cigarette or craved for one. It is never just like that. There is always a trigger. An emotional trigger.

Stress, depression, loneliness, good times, happy times, excitement, when you want to spend time with yourself, when the brain is working very hard on solving a problem… the first instinct is to reach for a smoke rather than somebody to talk to.

Why does that happen? A cigarette does not judge you. It doesn’t give you profound insights if you are stressed or depressed or lonely. It doesn’t give a word of caution if you are feeling very happy or having a good time. It is also not the voice of conscience. It just lets you be.

In a world where everything is a function of relationships and having to conform to those relationships, a cigarette is your silent partner. It probably knows what’s on your mind but doesn’t say a word.

The act of lighting up a cigarette, the first long drag, it is kind of cathartic. Meditation at its best. Letting the thoughts flow rather than telling you to let them flow right out of your head.

Yes, we all know the ill effects of smoking and yes we all need to cut down or stop completely. There are enough voices around you telling you to stop. But a question for them. Can you be what a cigarette is? Will you listen without judging or giving your opinion or advise? Will you be there in good times and bad times? No you won’t.

Those 7-10 mins spent with the cigarette are satisfying. You are with yourself, running all the things through in your head. Even when you are in a social setting (well not anymore because you will be away from everyone. Not allowed). Which I think is a good thing. For the non smokers and also for the smokers.

Smoking does not give you solutions to all your problems every time you light up, but the time that you spend, it helps you perhaps organise things in your head and eventually something might set you off in the right direction.

It’s the solitude that is provided. When the world around is cluttered and clambering with advise, orders, deadlines, responsibilities, duties, commitments… those few minutes away from it all, silencing all the external voices is an emotional oasis. At peace.

I am not promoting smoking in any way but it’s just about how I view smoking.

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