I had started this blog for sharing my ideas on marketing and advertising. But somewhere down the line, a whole lot of other things got added and the posts became comments about what I feel –  what I read, what I see, what I hear. Which also is interesting because there always is something that is happening. However, my posts are not instant comments or opinions (would have been a regular twitter for that). I am not here to be profound. I dont even want to be called an expert because the day one becomes an expert… loses touch with reality. And reality all around is telling many things… the only question is are we ready to listen?

The posts are just my views… not as a professional who has spent time in the industry and has enough experience but just as a man on the street.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. So you arite a blog !!! If I look back to times when I first knew you . I was maybe 10 you ? I dont know . But yes this is exactly what someone would have predicted for you. Good job my friend. I am kinda glad to see you have not change in thrity years of life time.

  2. Yep it’s the same old me… And back the someone could have predicted that I would write? Hmmm probably yes.. Thought I could have never done so myself! So how you been Mr. Asher?

  3. Dear Sameer~~If you decide to start afresh for golden future,most essential thing to do should be to KILL your ego.May be you are a great scholar,or for that matter having good job,orwell-settled business,go out there in the market-place ….become roadside/moving vendor….if you go through that experience,you might most probably LEARN more than your academic career span.(here you is general terminology–addressed to abc/lmn/pqr/xyz)only those,who go through that practical one-day experience,can survive anywhere on this planet,ir.respective of academic qualification. Sakhyaane haa prayog karoon paahilaa,khoop shikaayalaa milaala tyalaa. please convey your e-mail id at your earliest. in this universe.where sun is also assumed as a particle,how much of importance should be given to human aversions/cravings/earning currency/ego/physical luxuries? ~take care.~~Chhakuli (praachikulkarni@yahoo.com)

  4. Quick question – Did you by any chance study in Gulbarga ,Karnataka ? I am searching for a long lost freind and wondering if you might be the link . If not ,I still went through some of your posts and they are interesting 😉


    1. Hey Kaps, thanks for reading my posts. And sorry man.. Am not the guy you searching for! Never studied in Karnataka

      1. Thanks Samir , I was so hopeful :-(……oh well the search continues . That said I sure will revisit your blog as I meant it when I said they were interesting . A sort of ” Jaate the Japan ,pahunch gaye chin samjh gaye na….”. 😉

        In my search for my childhood pal I have nudged and pestered a lot of people . But the magic miracle has been that everyone of them has been extremely kind and cheerful . Thank you for taking the time out and making my day . 😉 .It reiterates my faith in humanity

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