Idea stretched too far

So the new airtel campaign is out. Wonder what people think of the new communication. My two pennies worth… I think it is stretched (as the title of the post says). Har ek friend jaroori hota hai was so fresh… had an insight into the users (the youth)… was stemming from the users.

But the new TVC surely lacks an insight unless the insight is “internet hai toh friendship hai” and if it is so… Bleh! as the young generation says. This TVC is all about what airtel internet offers and not what the users want.. I mean sure they want all of that stuff but they are getting that already right? Else the handsets would not have had Facebook button and preloaded social apps.

I think everybody will probably like the song but will they connect with the communication and with the brand… umm I don’t know…

Win two tickets to Formula 1 Airtel Grandprix of India*

So let me also join the brandwagon and offer tickets to F1. It would need you to read all the posts on my blog (proof would be comment on each post). Then write a catch slogan about how good reading my blog was and then buy subscription to my blog and win tickets to F1. Of course needless to say… *T&C apply. Will pen them down when I can figure what they are.

Seriously, every one wants to offer tickets to F1. It is like people are gonna fall over themselves to be there and will buy, write and take part in everything. From five star hotels to pubs.. from durable to service operators, they would want you believe that if you not at F1, you are a loser.

Now I am also a big fan of F1… but am I gonna spend money to see the cars wizz past so fast that you don’t even know whose car was it? Nah… I would rather watch the race at Monte Carlo (which will be lot more exciting and fun)… instead of the nightmare it would be watching it in India.. the dust, the grime, the wannabe crowds, the noise, the heat… wow.. so much of the negatives… for an event which is actually made for TV (to be watched on TV)

So guess what I am gonna do.. will get a couple of beers.. will sprawl on my bean bag (I do it for every race) and watch it in the cool comfort of my living room… while people who go there would be more busy tweeting and updating their Facebook status and generally missing out on all the action and curse inwardly for all the tardy facilities that would be available at the venue. I believe beer will be served too over there. So get ready to read about all the beer brawls in the next day’s newspapers. Everyone knows how thirsty we Indians are for liquor at sports events and how we cant hold our liquor and the false sense of bravado it brings about….