What’s up Mr. Kejriwal??

Delusions of grandeur is it?

The darbar reminded me of all the books I have read on history of India and how the Mughal Emperors used to hold darbar for the common man. Did it feel that you were an Emperor talking down to the aam admi when you you had to speak from the pulpit?

There is an old adage that power corrupts and while I was all your party in the lead up to the Delhi elections, I am not so sure you and your party would stay aam for very long.

Power is an aphrodisiac.. isn’t it? and more importantly when it lets you do whatever you want…

I always used to think that you would be lot more progressive and forward-looking as a person and as a government but the talks of Swaraj and subsidies… seems like you want India to go back into the dark ages. And subsidies reeks of playing to the popular sentiments which all parties have done in the past! Where will the money come from for the subsidies?

And can we be done with the sham of not having fancy houses and one rupee as a token salary?? Let’s get real. And also tell your cronies to get real too. Imagine.. asking the judges to report in front of the minister like they are they lackeys of the government!

Maybe a crash course (the like we used to have back in school in Civics to understand the role of each function).

Keep in mind that you got 28 seats because it is the urban, social media driven people who voted for you and not those who you were looking down at in your august darbar.

Keep your national aspirations aside for the moment and focus on doing something for delhi that will make people believe that they did the right thing by voting for you.

But of course.. why would what I say matter to you. I am not an aam admi and nor do I live in Delhi…

Rupee Vs fuel prices

So a government which is very concerned about economy and the.people of the country.. What should it do? Obvious answer is to tackle the economy issues and not burden the common man!

But not this government… It can’t do a jackshit about falling rupee, rising inflation, corruption.. It can only raise fuel prices.. So that the so called public sector companies can make profit and the government – central and state.. Can make more money through taxes.. After all the deficit has to be managed.. Who gives a shit about what happens to you and me!

Bankrupt nation

No end to the free fall of the Rupee or the rise of gold prices – not to forget what it means for the economy which is already staring down the abyss. To think that a world-renowned economist is at the helm of affairs.

The economic indicators suggest that it is a very “India” problem. There is no turmoil in the world financial market that it has a cascading impact on us.

And to top it all, in the election year this government is doing all it can to make sure that the new government which comes to power will be screwed.

Actually forget the government part of it… we as a country will be in a black hole and it will take us forever to get out of it.

Imagine.. Food Security Bill. In a country where there are probably more ration cards than the number of people… it is security for whom. Who will really benefit from such schemes?? Lemme guess.. the govt babus, politicians, and everyone who really doesn’t need security. More importantly, where will the money come from??

And lets not even talk about the land reforms because we all know who will benefit from them.

As a country we are not just bankrupt in terms of economy but also the morally and I don’t even have to mention why!

The 1 Billion Population Conundrum

So for past few days (post the Olympics getting over) I been hearing this constant refrain that a country of One billion people got only 6 medals and how much smaller countries than ours won so many medals.

Now these are comments of the people who like to say such things because it makes them sound so aware and so concerned about the state of the nation

But let’s look at the facts of the one billion population:

1. It is now 1.2 billion

2. Close to 70% is rural India and whatever the Government might say about BPL (Below Poverty Line) and what is the number below BPL, leave aside progressive states where agriculture is really big and generates enough of money for the people, most are very poor and have hand-to-mouth existence. So they really cant be the hope for medals.

3. Almost 65% of the population is under 35. Which means that close to 400 million are out of any kind of reckoning to go for a medal. That leaves 800 million and if you apply the formula of 70% rural India, 560 million live in rural India and one can easily discount about 70% of them since they have only subsistence on their mind. So that leaves about 150 million from rural India who could perhaps think of a medal.and if one were to apply the number of 50% under 25, about 75 million

4. Now lets look at urban population which is approx 30% or 360 million. 35% of which would be over 35 and out of the race so about 120 million. Balance of 240 million pruned by to 120 million (50% population under 25).

So in effect there is possibly a population of about 200 million which can aim for the medal.

Out of these, how many actually get to pursue sports as a serious activity? Parental pressure to perform well in the studies or perish in the cut throat educational system and jobs makes many of them leave sports for studies. I will go out on my limb and say that I can safely remove 150 million (those who can’t and those who could not).

That leaves 50 million – or 5 crore who can actually take up sports as a career. Now given that other sports don’t offer enough incentive to take it up as a profession, a large part gravitates to cricket with great dreams in their eyes and fall by the way side and give up.

So what does this tell us?

I think India has done fabulously well to get 6 medals! which has double the tally from previous Olympics! And I am sure that the next one, we will have even more medals and even Gold medals. What these 6 have done (and all the money the corporates and government are giving) will go a long way in getting people to realize that their is life beyond cricket and while you do country proud, you can make money too.

So off to Rio we go.

A Culture gone horribly wrong


We were supposedly never like this. The word tolerance epitomized the Indian culture. A culture that not only let other cultures integrate within its own but also changed and adapted itself to a changing environment. Of course to many, this would be a truism but to me… it sounds like a lot of hogwash.

And the more I read the newspapers nowadays, the more my belief gets strengthened.

Maybe it is the ever-present media that exposes our hypocrisy or maybe we have actually moved from being tolerant to intolerant… the truth is that this country and the people are on a down hill and the brakes have failed. And I think all of us  are to be blamed for the situation.

Read in the newspapers today about exodus of North-East people from various cities in south and west because of some vigilante threats! Why? and of course for once, since the typical Hindu organizations are not part of this, they are looking at milking this opportunity to present their ‘secular’ credentials by exhorting the people not to leave.

I wont talk about the culture police who raided a private party in Mangalore or the molestation case in Assam. Enough has been said about these two  but it sure is a reflection that this country is moving back into dark ages.

Various news reports about women being told not to wear jeans or there will be acid attacks. People being cruel to their househelps. People being cruel to each other… road rage… abetting suicide…. parents accused of killing their daughters.. khaps… the list is endless.

Why is this happening? Or is it that it was happening for years but it is just that media in their hunger for “breaking news” and TRPs have aimed their spotlight at these issues?

And where is the political view on all of this? Politically quiet because 2014 is round the corner?

The economy is in trouble. The volcano is bubbling under the surface… will explode soon enough. We don’t see it yet because we are too busy leading our lives or trying very hard to, not counting the “inflation-proof people” who continue to revel in conspicuous consumption. The number of BMW X1 on the road would suggest that everything is fine, people are moving up economically. Disposable income is going through the roof. But is that really happening? Or is the economic divide only getting wider?

Corporates, with their strategists and forecasters have probably figured out the downward trend and have started tightening their belts. Strange though… they can see it and government can’t or rather refuses to. The Prime Minister said in his Independence day speech that he expects GDP this year will be around 6.5%… seriously?? How?? How can a paralyzed government which spends more time on figuring out how their candidate can become President & Vice-President have the time to look at the people it governs. Living in denial sure helps. Damn the foreign rating agencies.. they have no clue what they are talking about. After all, they could not predict the crash of 2008 so why should we believe them!

As a country, as a culture we have gone back in times. As an economy we are sitting on a powder keg. I guess our country needs an explosion, a revolution of sorts to come out of the mess we are in. And no… Anna Hazare and Ramdeo Baba are not the ones who can lead the revolution.


It is downright funny!

Check out the link… It is hilarious. Congress seriously needs to do some thinking and ban these people from coming anywhere close to a mic or media! The leaders have become delusional. They think that any attack on the party is actually attack on the country and there are forces that seek to destabilize the country… Seriously?

The world doesn’t need to make efforts to destabilize us. We are doing it ourselves! or rather Congress is doing a very good job of it. Actually let me rephrase.. it is UPA, led by an ineffective leader. So blaming others or Anna Hazare is not going to help… Not that I am a fan of Anna but then comments like these will only make him more popular.

Vylar Ravi who is heading the coal ministry… he should first figure out the coalgate before pointing fingers at Anna. Find something more useful to do… and if you can’t, go back to wherever you have come from and let the nation live in peace.


The Circus is Over…

Quite a few of my blog readers had asked me as to how come I was not writing about  Lokpal controversy and the fast by Anna Hazare. My answer to that was – It’s a waste of time… there is nothing to write about.

So why am I writing now? Because  circus is over. A circus where everyone was a clown… including the thousands who were holding protests across the country… on the streets, in their neighbourhood, at the Ramlila ground and everywhere else. I bet most didn’t know what they were protesting for.

They were there because it was cool to be associated with a movement. It was  cool to be seen there. It made for a whole lot of status updates on facebook and tweets by the twits.

And we are living in a delusion that something will come out of this whole fight against corruption. A bill that has waited to get passed for so many decades… we expect that it will get passed and Lokpal will come into existence?? Dream on people… The 500 hundred odd people who control the destiny of this country are steeped in corruption and they are surely not going to let anything happen to all the scams they run.. day in and day out. Political parties win elections on the basis of corruption… not by people’s will.

We are a country or scamsters… hustlers… everyone is out to make a quick buck or get things done to their satisfaction. Ever wondered how someone builds a billion dollar monstrosity for his residence and there is not one question raised about where did the money come from? The cream of Corporate India would soon be operating from the confines of Tihar Jail.. Not because suddenly we as a nation developed a conscience but because they did not either grease enough palms or did not use enough grease.

Hazare and his supporters think that they have won some kind of battle. What they don’t realise is that they have been outmaneuvered. The political class has pretended to give in and killed all the drama that was happening. And it will be business as usual very soon. The media will move on to newer stories… we will move on with our lives and money will keep getting transferred into the Swiss Bank accounts

Unlike the revolts, rebellions and uprisings in the Middle East and Africa, our country is different. We are not an oppressed lot or being ruled by a dictator. Under the constant opium spread into our blood stream by all the good things that are happening around us… Per Capita Income is rising… economy is growing faster than most economies in the world and blah blah blah.. we really have no strong reason to revolt. If there is corruption… it is there because we have encouraged it. We want our driving licences, we want to cut corners, we want our deal to go through, we want to sell our property by doing half cash half cheque deal…. I could go on… but we are responsible for the monster called corruption.. So we will not do anything to stop it because we still want all the aforesaid things.

Past couple of weeks… people on the streets and all the celebrities jumping up and down… it was all about few mins of fame for being associated with a cause. Most didn’t really know what the cause was…

Nothing is ever gonna happen…