When the operating system changes



So yes, after spending years with Android, I also fell for iOS!

It is like stepping out of the comfort zone.

Isn’t this true for most of us?

We get too comfortable with our status quo. Peddle out excuses for not changing. Even if things are not alright, we continue to exist. Refusing to accept the new. Refusing to accept that life needs a change. Happy to (no not happy but perhaps resigning ourselves) continue with our life the way it is.

I was the same. I refused to accept any argument against Android. Kept saying I will never shift to iOS.

And then figured… what the hell… let me take the plunge. Let me change something. Let me step out and look at life in a different way. It is strange isn’t it? How I am talking about life in the context of an operating system. But that is what our lives have become, given how much interaction we have today with screens vs real people.

We connect more with people through the screen than in real life. Because what is beyond the screen, doesn’t give us enough time to interact up close and personal with people we would like to interact with. We start living on multiple levels.. what is happening around us and what is happening on the screen. Lines between real and virtual increasingly get blurred.

I guess when nothing big is happening in life right now, changing the operating system perhaps is a little pleasure of making a change. Who knows, it could be a harbinger of change in the life beyond screen too!

It has been less than a day and the struggle is real to adapt but hell yes! it is exciting : )

(image courtesy blackchilled.com)

The Blackberry Boys

Simply superb is what I can say for the communication. Absolutely awesome also comes to mind. The strategy is very clear in terms of what Blackberry is trying to attempt here in terms of broadbasing the appeal of the phone. I do hope they reorient their features too to live up to the communication.

However, the success would depend a lot on they can address a market which has been the domain of Nokias and Samsungs of the world and a market which is increasing shifting to lower price points with high end features packed in. Plus also the fact that to use a Blackberry phone, a subscriber needs to pay for Blackberry services. But I think Blackberry would succeed because the brand is a Badge to be flaunted. There are enough smart phones in the market… I own one too and it is as good as a Blackberry but… a Blackberry is a Blackberry.