Ok Ok so I had said I will not post for a while but this came to my mind and I just had to post.

Songs are such an integral part of our lives. Usually they fill in a void. When you are doing nothing. When you are driving. Or even when you want to silence the world around you.

In my profession, jingle always played an important role. It became the audio identifier for a piece of communication. Sadly though, now a jingle is just a piece of cacophony. the soul has gone missing.

Similarly, the soul had gone missing from songs for past couple of decade or so (my personal view).

Of late though, it seems to be back. There seems to be a focus on lyrics rather than music created through electronic crap. Over the last 6 months I have heard the songs that teens of today are listening to (having teens in the house is an advantage). While I will not mention songs (avoid getting judged), there definitely is a trend towards putting more into every song than trying to ensure that it gets sold and heard.

Through time immemorial, songs have always associated with the mood we are in. Or is it the other way round? Mood dictating the playlist. There are happy moments, melancholic moments, party, being with friends, road trip. We have playlists for occasions.

Songs and emotions, they go hand in hand. You hear someone listening to a particular song and you can probably figure out the mood of a person. Except if the song is special to that person… something only he/she identifies with.

We all have such songs in our playlist. They remind you of a person, of an occasion with that person, a special moment that was truly yours. Songs that make you yearn for the person. Or a song that you hear and you just want to share. More than photographs, I think songs are what make our memories.

Sometimes the same song can make you feel elated or melancholic. It is all a function of what point you are in a relationship.

For me, songs have always been about nostalgia for a long time. I had stopped listening to new crap. It used to be all about rock (I had written about this in a post called ‘Sunday Evening’). But I have dabbled with some of the new music and I like it (much to the consternation of my daughter. She thinks my generation shouldn’t be listening to these songs!)

Generation. Songs and bands have always identified a generation or a decade. They are a window into the environment that existed in that decade. One can actually travel back in time by just listening to songs from the past decade.

The funny thing about this post is that there was a thought in my head when I started with the post but it totally went missing from my head.

So how about this. Reply  with title of one song that you think is truly you. Symbolises you. Resonates with your current mindset. Anything.

For people on LinkedIn who actually reached this point in the post, it will be a break from all the drivel that you been going through by way of posts 🙂

We don’t get old

Louis Armstrong

We stop living. We blame age. We blame our physical strength. We blame our failing mental health. We look for excuses for not doing enough as we grow old.

On the one hand we are extremely scared of growing old and on the other hand we use age as a crutch for not living. And this excuse has started happening at an age much younger than before. While we go to gym and we consider ourselves very fit, it is the mental aspect that is taking it’s toll. Our lives have become stressful for sure but then who is responsible for that?  Aren’t we the one who allow that to happen?

Long ago I had written this post about how we keep storing stuff in our heads – Cobwebs of our mind. We don’t do spring cleaning of our mind. We keep hoarding memories. And as is our wont, the shelves in our mind creak under the weight of not so happy memories. And that weight makes us feel old.

The music stops playing.

It is strange though. In our professional life, we work so hard to keep reviving the brands that we work on. Keep them relevant to the changing consumer, changing consumer needs. How come we forget to keep ourselves relevant?

I like to consider myself different. Even though, at times, the thoughts do creep in about being old, I take a broom and clear up the rubbish.

Am not getting old in a hurry. I am not going to retire. The music will not stop playing. I still have a lot of music left in me. 🙂

Dancing in Delhi

Attended a party in Delhi after almost 5 years and realized nothing much has changed. Sample this:

Starts off with soft music playing while people enter and gather around and indulge in small talk. Waiting for the music to pick up which it does but then the wait is to see who hits the floor first.

The DJ, to gauge the mood, plays some upbeat and current english numbers… a few people move on  to the floor… a majority crowd is still waiting.

Then an enterprising soul goes and whispers something to the DJ and the remix of the latest so called hindi rage blares from the speakers and suddenly you see a whole bunch of people running to the floor… Munni, Sheela or Dhanno.. they get the crowd grooving so to say..

The moves you see on the floor… mostly the guys.. will make Govinda and Mithun think of alternate careers…

The women would be shaking most of the time with their hands up in the air and shaking their heads and thereby their hair left and right…

The DJ would try some english again as a break only for another guy to quickly approach him to put on some punjabi pop and everyone on the floor would have hands up in the air with a specific finger pointing up and one foot in the air (if there was a dog around, he would wonder where is the fire hydrant…)

Dancing in Delhi is psychedelic – keep your hands moving up in the air and then you can jump or shake just a leg or your waist… multi colored strobe lighting would create the impression that you are quite a mover on the floor…

True dancing wont have the space on the floor – hard to salsa or jive when 1. the music is bhangra or the afore mentioned ladies or 2. when you worried about tripping over the raised leg of the person who is doing the bhangra next to you…

But hey.. its all good and a whole lot of fun while you are downing bottle after bottle of corona on the sidelines because 1. you got two left feet 2. not drunk enough 3. cant understand any of the music playing 4. a pseudo who is standing and pretending that he dances only when the music is English.. retro or Paul Oakenfold or Moby etc etc… 5. you just can’t relate to it… But irrespective of all of the above… parties in delhi rock.. the sheer exuberance of the people…